Sweet 16’s and Quinceanera’s

Sweet 16 and Quinceanera’s are very special occasions that aren’t to be messed up with. We make your special date as your fifteen/sixteenth birthday, you have many choices to have fun. If you don’t want to do a big party like almost all the girls do or extravagant gifts, we recommend another amazing option. You can take a tour around the amazing northfork island and choose any place where you can enjoy your special date and make it unforgettable.

As the name suggests, it is celebrated my teens gender unbiased, moving onto a different stage of life and mostly celebrated in the country of US and Canada. This includes moderate to lavish parties of their choice. Make sure to mark a date with us on our calendar so that we make sure their day becomes remarkable and memorable in their calendar.

Limoking provides all the hassle free approach in booking your favourite tour around the city. We care for your safety by providing an experienced chauffeur and making sure the special occasion deserves the special in it.

We make the decorations inside the limo as it goes on a special ride to your destined location with all the special amenities you request for. We provide better suggestions on our part and we would like you to make us a call for more details.

Make your party one that he or she will remember! We specialize in teen parties whether it is a Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, or a celebration of any type.

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Sweet 16’s and Quinceanera’s


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