Long Island Wine Tours

New York is the third largest wine-growing region in United States of America and Long Island is considered the premier area in the state for wines – producing over 500,000 casks of wine annually. Today more than one million people visit the 50+ wine producers on Long Island, while doing tours, tastings, and event hosting.

Experience a pleasant and enjoyable winery tour of the North Fork of Long Island’s finest wineries. If you are in the mood for great wine, be sure to check out our complete list of Long Island wineries and Long Island vineyards. Check out the absolute best New York wine tours! If you are, perhaps, not in the mood to go out, how about wine tasting at home with Bedell cellars?

On a Limo King winery tour, you will visit three charming, backroads wineries, picnic at a winery, hear stories and learn titbits of local history, culture and winemaking. Wine tours are sure to entertain any number of guests with a very approachable and easy-going style. Discover and savour new experiences while tasting some of the world’s most celebrated wines. Private wine tours are a great solution for intimate parties of 1 – 6 guests. You will have a dedicated vehicle, (a larger van may be available for hire) private guide/driver and if you prefer, you may choose the wineries you will visit, and the types of wine you would like to taste, but also you will be more than happy to plan a tour day for you based on your own preferences. Make the most of your day with our services by exploring everything that the wine country has to offer.

Compliment your best wine tours by appointing Long Island limo rental for stylish and functional Limo King North Fork wine tours limousine service. Stand out from the crowd during your trip through our transportation assistance. We will ensure that you will get positive feedback for showing up in one of our beauties. Our chauffeur will lead you safe and secure so you can focus on enjoying the moment and make new memories. Call or get a free quote today to learn more.

When people think of New York, much think of the big city with all the glitz, glamour, iconic landmarks and amazing culinary experiences. Long Island, however, offers plenty of its attractions. Other than its alluring beaches, fine dining and quaint towns along the Eastern shores, Long Island has some of the region’s premier vineyards. Long Island wine tours can be educational day trips too for those who want to learn more about the area’s every growing wine industry. If you have a group that is interested in wine tastings and is planning to do for a while then go ahead and arrange a Long Island wine tour.

Limo King limousine services are a family-owned and operated company, with over thirty years of experience in the transportation business, that offers the chance to visit some of the memorable locations and attractions throughout New York City, New Jersey and Long Island in style and comfort.

We offer exciting packages for any occasion, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just a beautiful relaxing day of green nature, atmosphere, tasting and enjoyment. We provide our customers with luxurious and comfortable limousines and party buses that transport passengers/couples to the wine paradise in the North Fork of Long Island.

Our Long Island wine tour clients love visiting the sparkling pointe vineyards & winery, and there is a good reason for that. The establishment specializes in sparkling wines which goes through two fermentations and fifteen months of minimum aging to gain that sparkle. That, however, is not all. The sparkling pointe vineyards & winery is also a “must-visit” location for wine lovers who enjoy pairing their drinks with delicious cheese.

With great wines comes great vineyards and the Long Island is home to over 50 beautiful wineries. Wine country is known to everyone now. Unlike fourteen years ago the tasting fees did not exist, but now the fees are booming. Wine tasting in wine country has gotten pricey but our wine tours have certainly not. If you are looking for the best private limousine services, Limo King is the answer. Our goal with the wine tours is more than just to let its client’s sample locally produced wine, but to provide them with an enjoyable and memorable experience.

What makes Wine Tours on Long Island, NY So Special

Wineries & vineyards are one of the most renowned attractions on Long Island and covers the vast expanse of vineyards, simply known as Long Island wine country. Boasting over fifty vineyards and producing multiple different varieties of wine, Long Island has long been recognized as a premier destination for wine tasting. For locals and tourists alike, a visit to the North Fork vineyards has time and again always proved to be quite a memorable experience, with a taste of Long Island in every sip and savouring scent.

You might already have a well-developed and refined tasting palette, or it might even be your first time to ever try this, but wine tasting in Long Island will surely prove to be a real treat for everyone alike. In addition to wine tasting, many of Long Island wineries offer tours of their vineyards and winemaking facilities, special events hosting, delicious food to pair with your tasting choices, and live entertainment seasonally. A perfect destination for everything from weekend getaways to wedding receptions, from birthday celebrations to anniversary celebrations, Long Island wine country offers a unique piece of Long Island culture and heritage that you cannot help but enjoy more with every glass.

Give wine tasting the chance to bring new memories after a year of staying inside and maintaining precautions because of the pandemic. Let the wine tasting be the start of usual life again before going back to an hectic and busy life

North Fork Vineyard Tours

Over 50 vineyards in the North Fork region of Long Island, New York are producing best award-winning wines. As North Fork wineries open back up for tourists after almost an entire year of shutdown due to the pandemic situation, wine tours are booking up surprisingly fast by New Yorkers ready to get out of their houses, stretch their well-rested limbs and celebrate the taste of Long Island.

Specializing in both large and small group tours, our client personalized services will help plan your next trip to the Bucolic North Fork of Long Island wine region for the next big getaway in your life. Whether it is an organization, or are planning a Long Island wine tasting weekend for your family, friends, co-workers or bachelorette party.

New York’s Long Island wine region has been often termed interesting, thrilling and diverse for producing award-winning wines. Long Island wine tours by limousine, whether a romantic picnic for two or a party of friends offers a time to celebrate the unique process of winemaking, with wine tasting stops at various vineyards throughout the Hamptons and North Fork wine country.

The North Forks vineyards are filled with couples and groups sampling wine. From spring till fall the vineyards are packed with wine drinking customers. Some take their private cars and others take limo services or even exotic party buses. Using limousines or party bus transportation is definitely the way to go taste local wine. It is great for bachelorette parties, group tours or even for couples. The wines are great all year round. The North Fork has become the new Napa Valley of Long Island. It is a must do on your bucket list. Whether with friends, family, guests or tourists, Long Island wine tours is a great vacation on Long Island and is flexible too because they range from a one day to three days tour.

East ends Long Island wineries are fun for all to attend. There is beautiful landscaping and old-fashioned living amenities.

Come experience the best of Long Island wine country on one of our Limo King winery limo tours. Imagine strolling among the endless grape vines at an exclusive vineyard on the famous North Fork of Long Island, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, tasting delicious varieties, listening to live music, and enjoying special moments with family, friends and loved ones in some of the most breath-taking settings imaginable.

New York wine events, which conduct day trips to the wine country of Long Island and Hudson valley, has expanded its schedule this year, a smart move considering that people who are resuming travel with the pandemic restrictions ease.

With over thirty years of professional transportation service experience and an expansive knowledge of Long Island, including the North Fork Vineyards, you can count on Limo King for a safe, fun, and unforgettable memories


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