Happening birthday celebrations start off with amusing and exciting ideas. What could be more stirring and invigorating than to celebrate your special day in a luxury charter chauffeur driven limousine? We make birthdays even more electrifying and thrilling with our exotic limo birthday service.

Limoking Rentals is the premiere choice for supreme birthday transportation in the city and our deluxe fleet of limousines is hard to find anywhere else at such combative rates. Whether it’s a grand birthday celebration or a small scale birthday party with close friends, our industrious team is always here to arrange suitable plans for your event to let you enjoy and cherish every moment to the fullest.

Limoking as the name suggests makes it king of service for its customers and provides all the suggestions you need for all your parties. Be it Sweet 16, Quinceanera, 21 years or 60th year celebration, everything’s the same to us and we will make sure you remember the best day of the year belongs to you. We also help you to make the suitable decor and arrange for the perfect cake. Our experienced Chauffeur will help you to make sure the birthday party, be it a small occasion or a large one, one of your most memorable one.

A ravishing party is arranged inside the limousine where a bunch of fun features are packed delicately to let the party rocking all night. Passengers can stop by at popular clubs and restaurants to amp up the thrill and excitement. We offer unlimited pickups and drop offs and let the clients commemorate their birthday parties in a luxuriant ambience.

It took nine long months for you to be created. And finally the day has arrived and you were born. This day is very remarkable. Not only to you but to your friends and family too.

Whether you want to go to dinner, to a club, or just simply drive around all night for your birthday with your close-knit friends, we can take care of you. We offer punctual service, well-seasoned drivers, assistance and coordination for extravagant birthday bashes, limitless pickups, and online booking facility.

Sweet 16’s and Quinceanera’s


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